Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Giddy Up 2010

These are the pictures (so far) from my trip. I am in Morgan City, LA. We took a plantation tour yesterday. It was fascinating. So weird to be in the slaves’ quarters. You realize what a horrible existence it must have been.

I haven’t labeled all the photos yet, but the pictures of the tow truck are when my friend Janet broke down in Tucson. We ended up leaving her there waiting for a part. She got it fixed and then the alternator went out. They fixed that and then she broke down in New Mexico. Her husband, Larry flew in and they got it fixed and then it broke down AGAIN in Kerrville, TX. Janet is a trooper and she is an hour away. She only lost a couple of days getting here, but it’s been a rough road!!

The dress up photos are from our Scarlett O’Hara party. The party and the food were awesome. They had a great Cajun band and it was so much fun!! Another Anita from Georgia (I am Yankee Anita) put on the event with her friend, Karen. Everything has been top notch – the food, the tours, the fun….everything! We haven’t even done the swamp tours and Bourbon St. This has really been the vacation of a lifetime and I would’ve never gotten to do all this stuff without Anita and Karen!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am on a trip to Louisiana to meet 100 Sisters On The Fly. I am at a KOA in San Antonio right now. We met up with some Sisters. We started our caravan with 4. One of the Sisters in our original caravan is my friend, Janet. She left her home Wednesday to meet us in Blythe. She (and her wonderful husband Larry) have been working overtime to get her trailer ready for the trip. She got a late start and got a stinking speeding ticket on the way to Blythe. We left Blythe Thursday morning and got to the last exit in Tucson and her car died. It was 4:00 and (LONG story short) we stayed at an RV park where they were so nice to us and we played Bingo and they fed us dinner. We thought the story was over and the part had to be overnight shipped to Tucson. We hated to leave her there, but felt comfortable with the wonderful people at the RV park.

Bless her heart……..(still condensing the story, believe it or not) they got the part and then the alternator went out. She got that fixed and FINALLY got on the road yesterday (Saturday). She called us last and she had broken down again!!!!!!!!!!! She was in a dark, scary part of Arizona and she was limping along to the next exit. I feel so bad and I know her husband feels bad also.

I guess her trip is officially over.